Pricing Details

pricing details

Pricing Details

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WMH 2021 Pricing List

Hospital Price Transparency

Warren Memorial Hospital (WMH) is determined to empower our patients in making informed healthcare decisions. This decision starts with understanding your healthcare costs, including any Financial Assistance available.

In compliance with the newly founded Federal Laws, WMH will provide a list of standard charges, including negotiated rates for Insurance Companies for easy browsing. Effective on January 1, 2021, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services began requiring all hospitals to provide this list to the public in a readable format.

You must understand that this list is not the equivalent to the actual amount paid by governmental or commercial insurance companies, and each patient's financial liability will vary.

The amount a patient pays includes several factors, such as benefit plan details, coverage criteria, patient cost-sharing requirements, and any other applicable discounts as determined by the Insurance Company.

Additionally, this list includes hospital services only. It does not reflect any unforeseen complications, additional tests or procedures, or "non-hospital" related charges that may be acquired, such as physician fees for diagnostic testing or certain surgeries.

It is also important to note these lists are by line item. A single line item charge may not represent your complete medical care; in general, it takes multiple charge lines to accurately describe your care, i.e., supplies, pharmaceuticals, procedures.

Due to each patient's distinctiveness and the confusing nature of hospital billing, we encourage you to contact our Business Office via phone at  (402) 947-2541 or e-mail at for accurate and personalized price estimates.