Registered Nurse (RN)


Registered Nurse (RN)

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Monday, October 11, 2021
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Job description

Full-time, part-time and PRN Registered Nurse shifts are available for the day and night-shift position Benefit eligible. 12 hour shifts with 3 shifts per week. Weekend and holiday rotation. Shift, weekend and holiday differential pay available.


Provides and performs oversight, delegation, and coordination of total nursing care with other health care providers to meet holistic care needs of patients. May act as Charge Nurse utilizing the nursing process and delegation skills to prioritize and oversee all patient care delivered during assigned shift while maintaining recognized nursing standards.


Education and/or Experience

Graduate of an accredited school of nursing; Bachelor's degree preferred
Previous RN experience preferred

Certificates, Licensure, Registrations

Currently licensed as a Registered Nurse (RN) the State of Nebraska
Basic Life Support (BLS) required
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) preferred
Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) preferred

1. Utilizes the nursing process, for the performance of patient care, to assess, plan, intervene, and evaluate patient care to achieve prioritized patient outcomes according to the RN scope of practice .

Performs complete admission assessment.
Performs comprehensive nursing assessments in an efficient and effective manner.
Conducts full body system analysis.
Administers and performs nursing assessment in accordance with the applicable patient type which may include; Acute, Observation, ER, and SNF.
Reviews, discusses and implements health care provider orders appropriately and takes appropriate measures if there are questions.
Responds to call lights and patient needs in a timely fashion.
Recognizes abnormal symptoms/changes in patient condition, establishes priorities and takes appropriate action.
Serves as a patient advocate.
Performs patient rounding for all patient assignments.
Evaluates patient progress toward desired outcomes prior to discharge.
Demonstrates personal accountability in the delivery of patient care in a competent, professional and compassionate manner.
Provides intravenous interventions.

2. Collaborates with health care providers to coordinate medical and nursing management of patient care.

Promotes team concept through effective communication regarding patient condition, patient care plan and patient satisfaction with appropriate individuals that are involved in the patient's care.
Works effectively with ancillary areas as part of the team approach to patient care.
Directs patient support team members effectively and appropriately.
Demonstrates initiative and flexibility in the provision of patient care.
Informs and involves CNO regarding patient care issues in a timely and appropriately manner.
Assists in making patient assignments, coordinating admissions, and meeting staffing needs for unit.
Collaborates with the Care Plan team.
Completes patient and family education throughout the patient's stay and at discharge

3. Performs emergency treatment as required in accordance with RN scope of practice.

Initiates or assists in patient care in an effective and responsive manner as each situation requires.
Triages each emergency situation appropriately and involves other resources as appropriate.
Administers and performs emergent care in accordance with the applicable patient population type which may range from newborn to geriatrics.
Follows emergency policies, procedures and protocols in an effective manner

4. Performs and maintains documentation.

Documents accurate and ongoing assessments of patient status that reflect nursing interventions, patient responses, patient teaching and status of outcomes at discharge.
Completes shift end check prior to leaving duty.

5. Communicates effectively.

Communicates and collaborates effectively with other health team members regarding patient condition, nursing plan of care, patient satisfaction needs and recommendations for meeting identified outcomes.
Follows approved shift report format when communicating patient information.
Identifies and recognizes abnormal symptoms/changes in patient condition, established priorities, and takes appropriate action. Appropriately reports condition changes to medical provider.

6. Promotes and ensures patient and staff safety in all aspects of responsibilities.

Administers medications, treatments and procedures in a timely and safe manner according to health care provider orders and nursing policy, including appropriate performance of standard precautions, using two patient identifiers, and performing patient risk assessments every shift.
Utilizes proper body mechanics, transfer/lifting techniques to minimize fall risk to patient and injury to self.
Implements infectious disease controls as appropriate including isolation procedures, proper use of hand washing and gloves.
Follows proper procedures for wasting narcotics and disposal of sharps and hazardous materials.

7. Performs in a Charge Nurse capacity, as assigned or requested by management.

Oversees care delivery and staffing needs and assignments on the nursing unit.
Provides secure pharmacy coverage.
Demonstrates knowledge of treatments, policies/procedures, and equipment related to med/surg, care, emergency room and OP care and monitored beds.
Monitors, addresses and documents performance and attendance.
Responds to Patient/Family concerns and provides immediate interventions when possible.
Adapts to changes in workload and completes assignments while maintaining quality care.
Initiates and performs duties which need to be completed although not directly assigned.

8. Understands and complies with the requirements of FCHS Compliance Program.

Complies with the Code of Conduct, the Compliance Manual, all supporting policies for compliance, and compliance plans affecting specific duties and responsibilities.
Participates in all education and training programs regarding compliance as required by organizational policy and as requested by your direct supervisor.
Consistently supports the Compliance Program through personal example, the provision of day-to-day instruction and correction to employees in regard to compliance-related issues; application of appropriate discipline as required for compliance violations, and ongoing monitoring of activities and work product in areas of responsibility with respect to compliance-related issues.

9. Performs other duties as assigned.


Each applicant shall complete the following to be considered for these positions:

Cover letter, with your salary expectations;
Resume; and
Three professional references.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Pay: From $30.00 per hour