Zachary Lerner, APRN

Zachary Lerner, APRN

Pain Management

Zach graduated from the nurse practitioner program at the University of Kansas school of nursing in 2011 with an MSN in family practice. He then spent 4 years at KC bone and joint in Kansas City where he was an orthopedic nurse practitioner specializing in total joint replacements. Since leaving KC bone and joint in 2015 he has become well versed in pain management and has specialized in pain management for the last 5 years.

Since 2013 Zach has been a volunteer health care provider for USA weightlifting as well as acquired his certification in Dry needling and obtained his XDEA to prescribe suboxone for substance use disorder.

Currently Zach Is in the finishing stages of completing his Doctorate in Nursing Practice and his final project is focusing on the correlation between chronic pain and depression.

Zach lives in Lincoln with his wife, two children, and his Great Dane and Muskey (Mastiff/Huskey). In his free time he enjoys working out, playing golf, spending time with his family, collecting sports cards and memorabilia, and traveling.

To schedule a procedure with Zach at FCHS, please call 402.947.2541